Why Camping Pods Are A Good Investment For Businesses

Are you interested in camping pods as a business? If you’re looking to invest in them for commercial use, then we can help you get started. Here are just a few reasons why these timber buildings would be great for your business.

Attract New Customers

If you already have land that you rent out to campers, camping pods will be an excellent upgrade. The difficulties that come along with a tent holiday are well known. The weather threatens to wreak havoc on the frames, and the bed situation isn’t the best. However, a timber built pod completely transforms the camping experience. What’s more, it will even help to attract a brand new population of customers. With the addition of electricity and insulation, people are far more likely to try out a pod!

They also look great. There are many design choices to make to create a stylish pod. You can opt for the modern look, or perhaps you prefer an idyllic hut-style for your guests. With bespoke units, you can also choose a design to suit your business.

Camping pod with small decking area
camping pod

All Year Round Business

Tents aren’t appropriate for every month of the year. Most people will avoid camping in the height of winter because it can get quite chilly, and the harsher weather can infiltrate tents. With camping pods, they are made from quality, robust materials that can be used all year round. This means you will be able to have customers every month of the year!

Long Life Span

What’s good about camping pods is that they can last a long time. The materials used, such as cladding, double glazing, sturdy doors and roofs, all contribute to a long-lasting timber building. This means you can benefit from renting it out for many years to come.


If you are looking for camping pods for your business, you can create a timber building of your choice. If you have a list of certain requirements, our team can design and install the pod down to your specifications. You can opt for the most basic of units or create an amazing glamping pod experience, it’s completely down to you and your business needs.  

For Quality Camping Pods, Call Our Team Today

We can create both camping and glamping pods for private and commercial clients. Whether you need just one or multiple, we are here to design and install them to your specifications.

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