Are Garden Rooms Warm?

Interested in garden rooms? One of the biggest worries people have about the buildings is that they won’t be warm enough. However, with quality materials these buildings can retain heat quite well, so are comfortable for use all year round. Here are just some of the options you have when deciding on the specifications of your timber room.

Wall Insulation

Just like with a house, insulation plays a big role in keeping a building at a good temperature. Our garden rooms include energy efficient insulation in the walls. This means that it will work to keep heat in during the winter and keep the warmth out in the summer. With quality insulation, you can benefit from warmer temperatures, as well as smaller energy bills. It means that the heat won’t have to be on for as long or as high, as insulation works to keep the warmth inside.

Timber extension under construction

Energy Efficient Windows

Another way to ensure garden rooms are a good temperature is the type of windows you choose. At Pods2U, we use double-glazed windows. This will add to the effort of keeping the building warm. As there are two panes of glass in the frame, and sometimes a pocket of gas – this works to reduce thermal conductivity and helps keep harsh temperatures out. Having quality windows and doors fitted by experts will make a large difference to the temperature, as you won’t have to worry about draughts.

Cosy Flooring

The choice of flooring you make can also contribute to the temperature in garden rooms. Some materials are going to feel cosier than others. For example, carpet with quality underlay is great for creating a comfortable environment with added insulation. We have a range of flooring options to choose from such as various LVT and vinyl styles.

garden room

Internal Heating System

You can opt for an integrating heating system to create a source of warmth during the winter. With all the great insulating properties of the frame, including quality insulation, windows and flooring, you can benefit from keeping comfortable temperatures inside the space. If you choose to heat the building with other means, like mobile heaters, then having all these quality features will help to keep warmth inside for longer.

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We design and install timber buildings of all shapes and sizes. We have many choices when it comes to upgrading the thermal efficiency of space. Including the various options of roof design and cladding.

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