Garden Rooms: The Advantages Of Using Timber In Construction

Are you interested in garden rooms? These are timber modular buildings that can be set up on your property. They can serve many purposes, such as being a summer house, an outdoor bar or perhaps even a fitness studio. Timber is used because of its many advantages. Here we list just a few reasons why wood is a great construction material.

Durable Garden Rooms

Wood is a very strong and durable building material that has been used in construction for thousands and thousands of years. It has great load-bearing capabilities, making it ideal for timber frames. Its strength-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal construction material to work with and manoeuvre.


One of the biggest benefits of using this material for garden rooms is that it’s greener than other construction counterparts as it’s renewable. It’s good to make sure that the sourced wood is harvested responsibly. Timber requires little energy to produce and is therefore one of the more eco-friendly building materials.

garden room


Timber is very easy to manipulate and create a bespoke product. There’s many specialist tools on the market to prepare timber for construction projects, making wood one of the more easy materials to work with. This is ideal for garden rooms, as you can create a unique space easily to your liking.

Natural Insulation

Using timber for garden rooms is great as the material has its own natural insulating properties. In comparison to using materials like concrete, steel frames or masonry, timber has a lower thermal conductivity, so can help keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Beautiful Appearance

The natural state of wood can look great on garden rooms. The colour and unique grains are sought after in many home decors. So, using wood as a building material can fulfil the need for it to look great too. Also, wood looks good in both traditional and modern properties. All gardens will suit the look of timber, so you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place.

newly made garden room

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