Frequently Asked Questions About Our Garden Rooms, Lodges & Camping Pods

If you are considering purchasing a custom-made garden room, camping pod or holiday lodge from Pods2U, take a look at some of the most frequent questions we are asked.

In most cases, modular outbuildings, like the ones we supply and assemble, are considered to be a permitted development. This means it is very likely that you will not need to seek planning permission. However, there are special conditions such as:

  • The building cannot be positioned forward of the front elevation.
  • They must be single storey.
  • Maximum eves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of 3 meter for any type of roofing system other than a dual pitched roof where the maximum height is 4 metres.
  • The height of the structure is limited to 2.5 metres if it is erected within 2 metres of the property boundary.
  • No raised platforms, balconies or verandas.
  • The new structure is not permitted to take up more than 50% of land around the original property (before it was extended or how it stood from July 1948).
  • In some places such as Areas of Outstanding Beauty and National Parks, if you intend to erect a garden room, lodge or camping pod over 20 metres from your main property then the total area to be covered (including swimming pool if required) must not exceed 10 square metres.
  • If your property is a listed building, you will require planning permission.

Pods2U offer a self-build option. As a result, all you need to do is place your order and it will be delivered to your door, ready for self-assembly.

In most cases, we can build your new garden room, camping pod or holiday lodge in a day. For more information, please get in touch.

Yes. We offer the following warranties on all our modular buildings:

  • 20-year roof warranty
  • 10-year warranty on double glazing
  • 10-year warranty on external doors
  • 5-year warranty on sealed units
  • 5-year warranty on cladding

If you opt for our luxury holiday lodges, you can choose to have bathroom amenities fitted. This is a great feature for holiday-goers and is sure to make it stand out. 

The size of these buildings can vary. There are limitations attached due to the previously mentioned permitted development rules and planning permission regulations. This also depends on where you would like to place the structure. Call us now to arrange a consultation. 

We can come and visit the site, or we can arrange for you to come by our showroom for a free consultation. It is here we will talk about your requirements and budget for the modular building you would like. We will then provide you with a noobligation quotation for the structure. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Got Any Questions? Contact Pods2U

If you have any further questions, need advice or would like to arrange a free consultation, please get in touch with Pods2U.
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