How To Choose The Right Camping Pod For Your Property

If you’re tired of camping in tents and want a luxury camping pod for your convenience, you may be wondering what to choose. We understand that investing in a glamping pod can be a difficult choice, that’s why we’ve put together this guide on making the decision to help you with the process.

What You’ll Need

  • Property for the pod
  • Permission (If Applicable)
  • Pods2U


£2500 – £15000

Step One: Assess Your Property

The first thing to look at when considering a camping pod is the space you intend to put it. Position of the sun, other dwellings, amenities such as pipework and cables, along with exposure are all aspects to be considered. Certain styles and sizes can be restricted by these elements, so it’s important to establish this before you choose a pod.

camping pod location

Step Two: Decide On A Size

Now that you’ve established the lay of the land, it’s time to pick a size. How big your group is, and those who intend to use it, will affect the preferred size. However, it’s important to remember that any dwellings over 3 metres in height will require planning permission. In order to avoid this you may want to consider a restriction on the overall size of your camping pod.

camping pod sizes

Step Three: Pick Your Perfect Camping Style

The third step in the process of choosing your perfect camping pod is to think about your personal preference. Some of us love to get back to nature in its raw form, without modern amenities or conveniences. However, others prefer to relax in the great outdoors whilst retaining some of the day-to-day luxuries of a modern home. Regardless of which you prefer, certain camping pods can be designed around these preferences, so it’s essential to think about this before you commit.

camping pod styles

Step Four: Contact Your Local Business To Visit Their Showroom & Discuss

Now that you know the size, location and style of your ideal camping pod, it’s finally time to look at some in action. We recommend visiting a showroom, discussing the project with professionals and getting the ball rolling on installing the pod on your property.

camping pod display

Contact Pods2U For Quality Camping Pods

If you’re considering a bespoke camping pod for your property, then look no further than Pods2U. We’re experts in modular timber buildings and camping pods, so we can offer advice, recommendations and bespoke services to ensure you get the perfect building for your needs. Visit our showroom or get in touch today to find out more.

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